Kenya hosts financial inclusion conference next week

Kenya is set to host a financial inclusion conference in Nairobi, affirming the country’s position as a regional industry leader.

The meeting, to be held on May 9, is expected to bring together high level policymakers, business leaders, economists and financiers to explore new ways to increase the number of people with access to financial services.

The Euromoney Kenya Conference themed Financial Inclusion 2.0: Expanding Kenya’s Digital Financial Ecosystem, will discuss the development of digital business and the financial ecosystem in Kenya and Africa.
The conference, which is organised by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), will also examine innovative approaches to financial inclusion and how link between finance and technology can spurgrowth.

“Financial inclusion holds the promise of harnessing collaboration between financial sector players, including financial service providers and technology service providers, to achieve social ends such as inclusive economic growth, sustainable development and poverty alleviation,” said a brief from the organisers.

Kenya is seen as a front runner in financial inclusion through digital innovations and CBK and KBA will during the conference be keen to share.

“The choice of Kenya as the country to host this conference reaffirms its global reputation of embracing innovative and disruptive technology as a tool for financial inclusion. This is expected to increase the country’s competitiveness and attract foreign direct investments,” they said.

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Article source: The Business Daily 16/04/2017
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