SME? Side hustler? Here are 5 ways how attending a conference can help you build a better business


Love them or loathe them, conferences can be the push you need to get your small business into a higher gear.

Savvy entrepreneurs already know that conferences can offer unrivalled opportunities to network and learn, and consequently steer their businesses in the right direction.

Not sure how?

Here are some ways participating in an industry conference can help you step your business up a notch.

  1. Put yourself in front of your potential clients.
    Not only does meeting face-to-face leave a stronger impression than an email or video conference, you are also able to read their body language and whether they are open to doing business with you.
  2. Meet you competitors directly and seek out what they are offering.
    Having a good understanding of the market not only helps you define your brand, but also helps you position your product and  and why it differs from what your competitors are offering.
  3. Re-fuel motivation.
    Feeling stuck in a rut? Getting out of the office and meeting with your industry leaders and peers can help re-ignite your spark and get the creative juices flowing again. Have some responsible fun too and don’t skip the networking cocktails or gala dinner.
  4. Learn some new things.
    Conferences offers several opportunities to learn throughout the agenda, but don’t forget to seek out innovative leaders and thinkers and pick at their brains during those all important networking sessions.
  5. Continue growing your business ecosystem.
    Trade events are exceptional places to meet like minded individuals and plug into their own networks in seeking new clients or business development partners. The people you meet could potentially be or refer you on to someone in need of your products or services.
    Will you be joining us at the 2nd SME Fest 2017 happening 21 – 22 March at the KICC (Kenya)?
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    See also 2nd SME Fest  2017 happening next week.
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