How to do: Networking

(Photo: Capital Business)

Simply search ‘networking ‘ on your web-browser, and what results is an overwhelming amount of advice about what you should and should not do.

If all this only leaves you anxious about how to behave in a networking situation, take heart. You are not alone.  Networking is one of those ‘things’ you master the more you are out there doing it.

In and amongst all those tips about reading body language and clever things to say, one simple piece of networking advice has always held high for me. In its most basic form, networking is about helping others and not about helping yourself.
This is so much so that is has seen me me develop purposeful professional relationships.

This is a widely shared principle and to further build on it, this week we take some tips out of #AskKirubi’s experience. Read more here.

(Prelude: Angela, Mkutano Business Events & Travel)
(Article: Chris Kirubi, Capital Business


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