No End To Learning

You’ve heard it time and time again –  you really ought to attend conferences for continued learning in your business or career.

But what exactly is it that you can learn in two or three days from back-to-back sessions at an industry event, and thereafter incorporate for the good of your business or organisation?

1. Learn what new developments are occuring in and around your industry and assess where your organisation fits into this.

2. Many professions have Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements and conference sessions will often offer credits towards this.

3. Walk around the exhibition noting the new products and services available for your sector that could potentially provide solutions to your business needs.

4. Connect with industry leaders who may be making presentations or participating in panel discussions and pick their brains on what may be on your mind.

5. Address solutions or work-arounds to your company pains.

6. A lot of learning actually happens outside the formal sessions during networking conversations, where you may pleasantly learn that the person seated next to you at the gala dinner has actually been shopping around for the type of service you offer.


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