10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference or Trade Event


Still not convinced about the value that trade conferences have to offer?
Well, here are 10 good reasons why you should consider attending/participating in a conference or trade event.

  1. Get together with other stakeholders in your industry and establish your profile.
  2. Showcase your product by exhibiting; or alternatively participate as a speaker or sponsor and build your brand.
  3. Sniff out what you competitors are up to and effectively position your product offering.
  4. Spot market trends and possible gaps and strategise accordingly.
  5. Conduct market research amongst your existing and prospective customers.
  6. Share your current challenges, learn new tips and access industry best practices.
  7. Trade media are likely to report on the event, providing you an opportunity for free press coverage. Make sure you stand out from your peers!
  8. Unify with other industry players to address sector wider concerns.
  9. Take your business or career a step further by identifying and connecting with the links you need e.g. new clients, suppliers, partners, distributors, financiers, promoters etc.
  10. Expand your business/professional network – you never know when that contact will come in handy!
  11. (And a bonus) Time away from the office re-energises you and gets your good juices flowing again.

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